North Country Quilters

Quilt Guild Bingo

Quilt guild bingo. You will need to bring your fabric game card and buttons for markers. Here's what you need to make your fabric game card (make as many as you like): Cut 2½" squares: 5 assorted greens; 5 assorted blue; 4 assorted pink/purple; 1 black; 5 assorted red; 5 assorted yellow/orange. Each fabric needs to fall into one of the following categories: batik, floral, geometric, heart, leaf, dot, metallic, holiday, novelty, paisley, plaid, solid, star, stripe, or 1930's print. Sew squares into a 25 patch. Fabrics are arranged like this sample block.
Sample Quilt Guild Bingo card

You'll notice that the green column, top to bottom, has these categories: floral, metallic, leaf, novelty, holiday; the blue column, batik, geometric, plaid, star, holiday, etc. Once you go through your stash, you'll discover this is easier than you'd think! The cards can be quilted but it's not necessary. To play, the bingo caller will randomly select a call card and read, for example, Yellow Batik, or Blue Star, or Red 1930's. (The black center square is a free space.) A player wins by being the first to cover one row of five squares in any direction. There will be prizes for the first to yell, "Bingo!"